Friday, February 27, 2009

Siren Centerfold: Ava Gardner

Ava Lavinia Gardner came from very humble beginnings in Brogden, North Carolina. Born as the youngest of seven in 1922 to cotton and tobacco farmers, Gardner led a hardworking life up until she happened to visit her older sister in New York City in 1941.

There, her sister’s husband (a professional photographer) took a portrait of Gardner and displayed it in his store window on Fifth Avenue. While walking by the shop one day, Loews Theater legal clerk Barnard Duhan spotted the 18-year-old green-eyed beauty. It was fate.

You see, had Duhan not regularly posed as an MGM scout to pick up girls, he may never have gone into the photo shop, never would have actually sent Gardner’s photo into the studio and her career would never have begun. Thank goodness for us all he was such a sleaze.

Gentlemen, your Siren Centerfold of the week: Ava Gardner

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