Monday, April 20, 2009

Men in Tights!

In case you haven’t heard, director Ridley Scott is reteaming with his go-to actor Russell Crowe for the latest remake of Robin Hood. I’m happy about this for one superficial reason: It’s getting Russell Crowe back in shape. After packing on the pounds for Body of Lies…and keeping the pounds for his latest film State of Play, I’d say it’s about time Crowe got back to his Gladiator fighting weight. Plus as an added bonus, Cate “Can Do No Wrong” Blanchett is set to play Maid Marian.

Since Robin Hood is swinging into action again, I thought I’d pay homage to the man who originated this adventurous hero on-screen: Errol Flynn. The dashing actor—who, like Crowe, is also Australian—was known for the swashbuckling charmers he played in films and for the boozing womanizer he played in real life. He was also known for his brawling--hey, another thing he has in common with Crowe. And get this, the phrase "In like Fynn" came from his 1942 trial for statutory rape. Lovely. His fast-living ultimately took its toll, however, and he died of a massive heart attack at age 50. But here are a few of his most famous films from his prime (all, coincidentally, co-starring Oliva de Havilland).

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Captain Blood (1935)

Dodge City (1939)

Which Robin Hood do you prefer? Flynn’s lithe, men-in-tights interpretation? Or Crowe’s more rugged, manly approach? I’m not a big Flynn fan, but I am a ho for Crowe. (Gladiator, 3:10 to Yuma (another remake), L.A. Confidential, A Beautiful Mind…come on!) Plus, Crowe could totally take Flynn in a fight. I mean, we’ve all seen what he can do with a telephone.

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