Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going Down That (Yellow Brick) Road Again

Another day, another remake. Sort of. NBC is developing a modern-day spin on The Wizard of Oz as a television series. First the news about the Judy Garland biopic starring Anne Hathaway, now this. Is America rekindling their love affair with all things Judy?

Titled Dorothy Gale, the premise is about a Kansas girl named Dorothy trying to make it in the Big Apple—her own version of the Emerald City. She finds a job in the art world working for a wicked boss.

Hmm, let’s see. This sounds NOTHING like The Wizard of Oz. It does, however, sound like the premise of The Devil Wears Prada. Why not make a television series that captures the whimsy of the 1939 film? Sort of like a Pushing Daisies take two, complete with all the fantasy elements that made the film so original. (I know she’s probably old for the part, but I can totally see Daisies’ Anna Friel as a modern-day Dorothy.) They seriously need to retire the tired, old “girl-takes-Manhattan” plot. Let’s inject some new color (ruby red, perhaps?) into television.

To be fair, the show hasn’t been made—or cast—yet, so I could totally be eating my words later. Plus, Jason Katims and Bridget Carpenter are exec producing the project. Both are writers for the phenomenal NBC drama Friday Night Lights. (Seriously, if you’re not watching that, you’d better start, like, immediately. Some of the best writing/acting on television today—no joke. Oh, and it has this. ) So come to think of it, if anyone can flip this tired premise into something worthwhile, it’d be the FNL team.

Following the yellow brick road—again—might not be so bad.


Robby Cress said...

I agree. I'm tired of the the whole "take on Manhattan" theme. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a show that has some of the whimsy of Wizard of Oz.

xyz said...

I also agree.

Let's quit with the glorification of a wealthy NYC lifestyle...it's tough to make it here, and it takes longer journey than a premise that sounds this shallow can provide.haha