Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matinee Man: Robert Wagner

This is Robert Wagner now, but don’t let that fool you. Wagner was once an incredibly good looking guy.

Born in Detroit in 1930, Wagner's family moved to L.A. when he was seven-years-old. Despite caddying for the likes of Clark Gable, he wasn’t discovered until he was eating with his parents at a Beverly Hills restaurant. His film career began in 1950 and led to later roles like Number Two in Austin Powers, a role I’ll never quite be able to forget.

Anyway, hottie Natalie Wood was the lucky minx who picked him up. The two got married in 1957 and Hollywood called it the most “glittering union of the 20th century” (Remember, Tom and Katie weren’t even born yet). Wagner and Wood only lasted until 1962, got divorced and then remarried 10 years later, a union that lasted until 1981, when Wood tragically drowned after falling off the yacht that the two had been re-married on.

Wood may have been the only true love of his life, but Wagner was the love of many other women’s fantasies. Therefore, he is today’s Matinee Man.

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