Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guys and Dolls...and Guy

Hollywood’s at it again – remaking a classic. Guy Ritchie (the director and, more famously, Madonna’s ex) is reportedly taking on a re-imagined version of Guys and Dolls (1956). Just how re-imagined is it? Ritchie is said to have pegged Jason Statham to star in the musical. The dude from Crank, Transporter and Death Race can sing?! The beefy bald actor seems more apt to beat a guy’s face in, than resolve a conflict in song. But hey, maybe they said something similar about Marlon Brando back in the day. No, I take that back. Statham is WAY more of a stretch.

Ritchie has apparently been throwing around the idea of making a musical for some time now, and the idea of doing Guys and Dolls “really tickled him,” a source told the British newspaper The Sun. The source adds: "He is torn between keeping the script true to the original in New York and taking it to familiar surroundings in London." Once you have Jason Statham on board, you should probably just stop worrying about staying “true to the original.” You’re already pretty far gone. Thank God he’s not married to Madonna anymore. He may have tried to throw her in, too.


Your Fabulous Host said...

I never realized that "Guys and Dolls" was an action film. Guess I should have paid more attention.

WeeBee said...

Uh okay there is one underlying difference between Jason Statham and Marlon Brando, besides the fact that Brando was about a billion times sexier, Brando could act! I hate Jason Statham and the same stone cold character he plays in every one of his movies!