Monday, June 1, 2009

Miley is No Mills

It’s not like I exactly expect the MTV Movie Awards to be of any worth or credibility, but last night’s show was more of a joke than usual. Aside from awarding the Twilight stars the top honors despite the worst acting jobs of the year (and I’m a fan of these books, mind you), MTV gave Disney actress Miley Cyrus an award. I can’t remember what it was for because I blacked out after they called her name and woke up just before she screamed, “I’m on a boat!” which was weird because no she wasn’t. Anyway...

Disney has a history of taking one actress and squeezing every last penny out of them that they can. Think: Hilary Duff, Raven Symone, that chick who played Alex Mack and then did 10 Things I Hate About You. Right now Vanessa Hudgens is eclipsing Cyrus thanks to the High School Musical disasters, but even Selena Gomez is being prepped for her imminent takeover.

Well, Sunday afternoon, mere hours before Cyrus’ teeth led her on stage to get her award, I watched an airing of the 1960 Disney classic Pollyanna. It starred Hayley Mills, which got me thinking that really, Mills was the Miley Cyrus of her day (albeit a much less annoying day). In fact, Mills could easily be considered the first “Miley Cyrus” ever.

Mills began with Disney in 1960 when she filmed Pollyanna and she subsequently made six films after that – the most memorable of which (for me) is 1961’s The Parent Trap. Not that crap that Lindsay Lohan made a few years ago. She went on to star in In Search of the Castaways, Summer Magic, The Moon-Spinners and That Darn Cat – and all before she was 20-years-old. Sound like a familiar trend? How many High School Musicals have there been, again?

I don’t think anyone will surpass Mills as the quintessential Disney child star. Although I’m sure Cyrus probably believes she already has.



WeeBee said...

Haha!! "...Cyrus' teeth led her on stage..." Best. Line. Ever! But don't diss the HSM movies! They're cheesy but great.

Your Fabulous Host said...

I'll watch them if you buy them for me. Fair? :)

Robby Cress said...

I miss those old Disney movies. I think those Disney films from the 50s and 60s were way better than the ones today, but I'm sure some of that is because those were the ones I watched as a kid - but, then again, maybe they are just better. Now I want to go back and rewatch the Mills Parent Trap :)