Friday, July 10, 2009

Young Old Hollywood!

We apologize for the lack of regular posts lately. Kristine and I have been keeping busy with you’re average tasks – movie premiere red carpets (::cough::HarryPotter::cough::), interviewing know, the usual. But just because we’ve been cavorting with young Hollywood (and I use the word "cavorting" loosely), doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the past! And how appropriate that Vanity Fair just did a photoshoot featuring young actors and actresses recreating films from the 1930s. Usually we get a little picky with photos like these, but these are actually done quite well. Check 'em out!

James Marsden and Rose Byrne recreate It Happened One Night

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried do My Man Godfrey

A whole bunch of people recreating 42nd Street

Click here for more!


Rupert said...

How cool! Marsden actually favors Clark Gable a little in that shot! Great post.


Andrea said...

Thanks! Yeah, Marsden really got the pose down! :)