Friday, July 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Suck?

So You Think You Can Dance stands as my favorite reality show on television, so I get really upset when anyone comes on and tries to sabotage it. Case-in-point: Katie Holmes.

As Tom Cruise’s wife one of the founding members of the Dizzy Feet Foundation (an amazing foundation that brings arts to underprivileged children – read more and feel free to donate here) producers of Dance asked Holmes to perform on the show’s 100th Episode celebration Thursday night. And I assume that means Tom Cruise told producers to ask her or she wouldn’t be donating any of his money to the foundation. But anyway, Holmes’ big number a rendition of Judy Garland’s 1950 performance of “Get Happy.” I’m still deciding whether or not it was a coincidence that a piece was picked in which Holmes would do a whopping none of the dancing.

Anycrap – Holmes took the stage … weeks ago … to pre-record her performance. And all they got out of it was lazy lip-syncing to weak vocals. That’s right: lip-syncing to her own voice in a pre-recorded performance.

Despite all that, though, judge Mary Murphy told the crowd, “I bet Judy Garland’s giving Katie a standing ovation in heaven.” If by “standing ovation” Mary means “the finger,” then yes, that’s probably what Garland was doing. And Dance’s producer Nigel told Garland’s son, who was sitting in the audience, that he must have been thrilled to see that. We’re betting her son was looking for an apology instead.

If I was a child watching that performance last night, the only way I’d be interested in Dizzy Feet Foundation would be if they could guarantee I wouldn’t be as bad as Katie Holmes. I’d rather emulate someone in the arts who can, you know, actually act, dance and/or sing.

The video of Holmes’ performance is below, but fair warning: it’s not something you’ll be able to unsee.

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xyz said...

Is it weird that I think she looks like Britney Spears when she's lip-syncing?