Friday, November 18, 2011

Wood's Death Revisited!

I first wrote about this last March and now it seems Los Angeles authorities have officially reopened their investigation into the mysterious death of Natalie Wood – almost 30 years to the day it happened. 

Boat captain Dennis Davern is pointing the finger at Wood’s husband, Robert Wagner, saying Wagner was “responsible” for his wife’s death. Davern claims he was asked by Wagner not to turn on the boat's search light or call a nearby restaurant after Wood went missing from their boat off the coast of Southern California's Catalina Island. It was already known that Wood and Wagner had been fighting that night, but police said today that Wagner is not a suspect in her death.

For now, cops have not revealed much about their investigation, but they did say they received new, credible information that was enough to warrant a second look. I've always been fascinated with this case and I'm anxious to see if they uncover anything new.

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