Friday, March 26, 2010

My Fair Carey

So remember last year when we told you that Keira Knightley was in talks to star in a remake of the Audrey Hepburn classic, My Fair Lady? Well, it seems Keira’s out and the newest British It Girl is in! Carey Mulligan – incidentally Keira’s co-star in 2005’s Pride and Prejudice – is now the lead choice to play Eliza Doolittle. We’re hoping this is true, because the info came straight from the mouth of the film’s writer, Emma Thompson. (Thompson didn’t tell us, of course, but she told the BBC and that’s as close as “straight from her mouth” as we’re gonna get.) However, Mulligan is still playing coy on the subject, saying at this point she just “doesn’t know.”

As Mulligan mulls her options, let us count the reasons we think she just might be the perfect choice.
  1. After her brilliant turn as 16-year-old girl taken in by an older man in An Education, Mulligan proved she can carry a movie all by herself.
  2. We love Keira, but let’s face it, she’s kind of a glamour-puss. Mulligan will be able to play both pre-and post-makeover Eliza with great believability. She’s more of an “every-girl,” if you will.
  3. She’s one of the hottest commodities in town right now (and not just ‘cause she’s dating her Wall Street 2 co-star Shia LaBeouf). She’s that rare instance of a pretty young actress who’s also smart, talented and a little bit quirky (she wore a dress with tiny forks and scissors hanging off it to the Oscars). Plus, this year’s Oscar nomination certainly didn’t hurt.
As for the role of Henry Higgins, played by Rex Harrison in the 1964 film, Hugh Grant has reportedly been linked to the role. But that, says Thompson, has also yet to be confirmed. If the potential addition of Mulligan is any indication, My Fair Lady may be poised to follow its predecessor in a trip to the Oscars.


Millie said...

Oooh! Fascinating. Now, I really love Keira, but, I simply could NOT imagine her as Eliza.

Carey would be a definite better choice!

Although, NOBODY can take the place of Audrey!

Andrea said...

Totally! So glad you agree!

xyz said...

Carey was great in An Education. Can't wait to see more from her.

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Teresa Halminton said...

She is a great choice. Ah! Lily Collins looks a lot like Audrey, but younger.
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