Monday, October 17, 2011

Contest: Win a Copy of the New Steve McQueen Bio!

Got some good news for all you classic movie buffs/bookworms out there! I’ve managed to snag a copy of the upcoming Steve McQueen: A Biography by Marc Eliot. The book comes out October 25th, but you can win you’re own copy right here on On the Marquee! The in-depth bio chronicles McQueen’s film and early TV appearances, his relationships, his battles with addiction and - here’s something that intrigued me - his obsession with Paul Newman and how it shaped his career.

We’ve talked a couple of times on this blog about which modern day actor should play McQueen in a biopic. While Hollywood seems to have settled on Jeremy Renner, I wanna hear what you guys think! Tell me which actor you believe would be best at playing McQueen and why. Best answer wins the book! Simple as that.

**Leave your answers in the comments section (along with name and email) OR feel free to tweet or Facebook your answers to me!**


Special thanks to Crown Publishing for providing On the Marquee with this amazing book!


Clara Fercovic said...

Cool, I wish I could read a bio of him, I didn't know he was obsessed with Paul Newman, that explains a lot of things!

Uhm, I'd pick Daniel Craig! Both have an awesome screen presence and they look a bit alike.

Hope this contest is open worldwide :) Thanks for giving this book away.


DanielBay26 said...

I feel like I would choose Jeremy Renner honestly. Daniel Craig fits the look better but McQueen for me represents the all-"American" male star. Craig of course could act American but my pre-conceived notion leads me to believe I would just be seeing Craig-playing-McQueen. Renner is also 40 which was ten years earlier than McQueens death so he could fit right into that prime age playing the aspects of his career. I'd love to see Renner touch upon "Bullit". So excited for this film. After binging on "Bullit", "The Great Escape", and one of my old classic favorites "The Magnificent Seven", I'd love to see them revisited. Renner might have the right acting chops and the right screen-persona, along with this being the prime-time for his career to take on the project.

KC said...

Funny--Daniel Craig was the first name that popped into my head as well. He's got the right brooding, slightyly sullen quality. I like Renner, but not as McQueen.

Perfect Number 6 said...

I'm a huge McQueen fan, and my first thought is that I can't think of anyone in Hollywood cool enough to play him—-McQueen was so unique, I almost don't even want to see it done.

But with that said (and being I'd love that book!), I'm going to say actor Damian Lewis from Band of Brothers. He has a similar look (just dye his ginger locks blonde). Also he's not as well known, so a little easier to slip into such a huge star's role and be believable.

IndieFilmFan1213 said...

He may be a bit young, but Steve's grandson is an actor too, Steven R. McQueen. He looks just like him!